Saturday, December 29, 2007

For Kerp

A request by kerp which seem a departure from his normal listening pleasures. Nevertheless, a request is still a request, and an Abba it is then.

And a bonus song for you bro, think I don't know them?

Plus and extra for music fans of that era...the undisputed King of Rock and Roll! Unfortunately, the visual is rather a letdown.

2 Newtons and a Linda

3 lady singers that struck me most when I was growing, either for their looks, or the songs they sang. In most cases though, its both.

These Newtons' mush have applied Newton's law of physics with lots of men either falling for them, or simply the having the heats. And the Linda, you just have to watch and be jolted back to the mid 70's.

Cikgu Nazir's Song... Moon River

It is one of the first English songs introduced to me via the Andy William Show. Over the years as I became a rebellious youth, but never malicious mind you, I loath the song but only during that particular stage of life; forgotten it the next, and am remembered again with due thank you to Cikgu Nazir.

This is a bonus song for oldies fans. But the sound is somewhat damp thus you'd have turn volume on more than a wee bit.

And an instrumental for Pak Mior (should he venture over), in lieu of 'Greenfields of Summer' which I could not find.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Pak Zawi's Request.

A beautiful song indeed. Thanks Pak Zawi. Unfortunately, I could not find the Los Lobos edition and guess this will have to do.

Doc TA's Recommendation.

Doc had recommended this group and after listening to it, I do find the group interesting and the song entertaining, thanks Doc. However, as the embedding has been turned off by request, I can only provide the link for this song by Blues Traveler entitled Canadian Rose at
As I do not know how to label this song, I've listed it - and others of the same genre - as Fun.

At the same time, Doc had also mentioned Misty by Johnny Mathis, which coincidentally ranks as one of my all time favourites as well.